Meet Tannis

The Paré Foundation supported Tannis, an Indiginous woman, in the completion of her Bachelor of Law from the University of Saskatchewan.

Tannis plans to work towards addressing the issue of over representation of indigenous children in government care. She hopes to help indigenous communities implement Bill C-92 which will allow them to be stewards of the decisions impacting the children in their community.

Mohawk Language Preservation

In 2020, the Paré Foundation helped cover living costs for adult students who are training to become teachers of Mohawk language and literacy.

Their living costs are currently severely underfunded and any help is greatly appreciated. The adult students, training at Kanehsatake to achieve teaching proficiency in Mohawk, will one day replace the last two current (very elderly) teachers at Kanehsatake Elementary and High School. Most of these adult students have no income stream or financial support to cover living expenses during this training. The support provides them with the opportunity to help rebuild their traditional language and culture and the capacity to fill these vital positions.